• Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.

    – Alfred Hitchcock


  • By allen
    November 03, 2011
    05:40 AM

    Would definitely like to see more Hitchcock in the collection. Frenzy, The Wrong Man, Saboteur and Rope seem like the next logical additions.
  • By dasboot4211
    November 08, 2011
    06:23 PM

    Yes the quote is Hitchcock in a nut shell. His whole collection of films should be on Criterion. We are all sons and daughters of Hitchcock as filmmakers go.
  • By Enderific
    November 17, 2011
    11:16 AM

    I agree with the above, Love his films.
  • By Hello
    February 19, 2014
    09:43 AM

    Anybody happen to know when and where this quote was made by Hitchcock? Thanks a lot in advance!
  • By Barry Moore
    September 10, 2014
    11:19 AM

    This is actually a troubling statement, especially insofar as the audience might be expected to suffer gratuitously, with no worthy cathartic, philosophical, or moral goal sought. Hitchcock might have been a master filmmaker, but in his manipulation was no great humanist, and the lasting merit of his work may prove fleeting.