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Jessica Kiang

Jessica Kiang is a Berlin-based freelance film critic with bylines in Variety, Sight and Sound, the New York Times, Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times, and the Playlist, and is the international programmer of the Belfast Film Festival.

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Three Routes Through Thelma & Louise

How the West Was Won

Seamlessly blending an array of cinematic traditions, Thelma & Louise is more than anything a western—one that takes advantage of the genre’s elasticity and reflects its preoccupation with justice, liberty, and self-determination.

By Jessica Kiang

From Her to Eternity: The Enduring Icy Hotness of Deborah Kerr

The Oscar-winning actor—whose one-hundredth birthday we’re celebrating on the Criterion Channel—embodied a mess of contradictions that have long been obscured by her reputation for unbending rectitude.

By Jessica Kiang

La piscine: Savage Water

Dismissed as gossip-column fodder in its time, Jacques Deray’s cooly enigmatic villa thriller is an exploration of masculine vanity and feminine disillusion.

By Jessica Kiang

Crash: The Wreck of the Century

In one of the most controversial films of his career, David Cronenberg adapts a scandalous J. G. Ballard novel, radically overhauling its story to address a society paralyzed in the headlights of a new millennium.

By Jessica Kiang