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Jessica Kiang

Jessica Kiang is a Berlin-based freelance film critic with bylines in Variety, Sight & Sound, the New York Times, Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times, and the Playlist.

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From Her to Eternity: The Enduring Icy Hotness of Deborah Kerr

The Oscar-winning actor—whose one-hundredth birthday we’re celebrating on the Criterion Channel—embodied a mess of contradictions that have long been obscured by her reputation for unbending rectitude.

By Jessica Kiang

La piscine: Savage Water

Dismissed as gossip-column fodder in its time, Jacques Deray’s cooly enigmatic villa thriller is an exploration of masculine vanity and feminine disillusion.

By Jessica Kiang

Crash: The Wreck of the Century

In one of the most controversial films of his career, David Cronenberg adapts a scandalous J. G. Ballard novel, radically overhauling its story to address a society paralyzed in the headlights of a new millennium.

By Jessica Kiang