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Wendell B. Harris Jr.’s Top 10

The director of the award-winning indie classic Chameleon Street sings Orson Welles’s praises, pays tribute to Paul Robeson and Lorraine Hansberry, and reflects on his longtime dream of remaking Nightmare Alley.

Dash Shaw’s Top 10

The acclaimed animator behind Cryptozoo shares a selection of his favorite films, including works by Godard, Cronenberg, and Almodóvar.

Edson Oda’s Top 10

The Sundance-award-winning director of Nine Days shares a selection of favorite films that range from lyrical masterpieces like Wings of Desire to rule-breaking mind-benders like Being John Malkovich.

Dustin O’Halloran’s Top 10

On the heels of the release of his latest album, Silfur, the Emmy-winning composer and pianist shares a selection of his favorite films and some thoughts on the power of a good musical score.

Rachel Kushner’s Top 10

The author of The Mars Room and The Flamethrowers shares a selection of her favorite films, including masterworks by Altman, Sembène, and Pasolini.

Azazel Jacobs’s Top 10

The director shares some of the films that have helped guide his creative process and inspired his approach to his latest movie, French Exit.

Lili Horvát’s Top 10

The director of Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time chooses a selection of masterpieces that shaped her desire to become a filmmaker.

Carrie Coon’s Top 10

The Emmy- and Tony-nominated actor chooses a list of favorites with an emphasis on unforgettable female performances.

Pietro Marcello’s Top 10

The director of Martin Eden chooses a selection of films dear to his heart, including classics that made a deep impression on him in childhood.

Isabel Sandoval’s Top 10

The director of the acclaimed new film Lingua Franca chooses a selection of movies she loves, including ones that have inspired her to break the rules of genre and narrative.

Amy Seimetz’s Top 10

The multitalented filmmaker behind Sun Don’t Shine (now playing on the Criterion Channel) and She Dies Tomorrow shares a list of favorites that subvert narrative convention and dive into the mysteries of identity.

The Ross Brothers’ Top 10

The filmmaking duo behind Bloody Nose Empty Pockets share with us the movies they turn to time and again for inspiration.

Josephine Decker’s Top 10

The director of Madeline’s Madeline and Shirley chooses a selection of old favorites that combine beauty with ugliness, the logical with the irrational.

Sofia Bohdanowicz and Deragh Campbell’s Top 10

The directors of MS Slavic 7 pick a selection of favorite films that highlight what they find mysterious and exciting about the cinematic art form.

Kleber Mendonça Filho’s Top 10

The director of Aquarius and Bacurau shares his favorite Criterion releases, paying special attention to unorthodox studio productions and underappreciated masterpieces.

Rashaad Ernesto Green’s Top 10

The Independent Spirit Award–winning director of Premature selects ten masterpieces that introduced him to the beauty of cinema.

Kelly Reichardt’s Top 10

On the occasion of the release of her latest film, First Cow, the acclaimed director shares a list of masterpieces that have been touchstones for her throughout her moviegoing life.

Karim Aïnouz’s Top 10

The director of Invisible Life shares a list of movies that illuminate the possibilities of cinema, including masterpieces he discovered through New York’s art-house scene.

Kasi Lemmons’s Top 10

The award-winning director of Eve’s Bayou and Harriet talks about finding inspiration in psychologically rich character studies and films that break with reality.

Jack Reynor’s Top 10

A voracious cinephile with wide-ranging taste, the star of Midsommar shares a list of favorite films that shows his particular affinity for the provocative and the macabre.

Carlos Reygadas’s Top 10

The director of Japón talks about his love for “filmmakers who struggle,” what he values in comedy, and movies that show us what it’s like to live with intensity.

Dennis Lim’s Top 10

In the spirit of a double-feature series at Film at Lincoln Center currently underway, the venerable institution’s director of programming has put together ten pairings that highlight thematic and stylistic parallels throughout our collection.

Jeremy Workman’s Top 10

A frequent Criterion collaborator who has edited many of our trailers, the director of The World Before Your Feet charts the evolution of his movie love through multiple formats and new technologies.

Brian Raftery’s Top 10

The year 1999 may be this culture critic’s favorite in Hollywood history (he just wrote a book on the subject!), but the Criterion films he holds most dear span a number of different eras.