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Closet Picks

When friends come to visit, no one leaves empty-handed.

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Renate Reinsve’s Closet Picks

The breakout star of The Worst Person in the World takes home films by Michael Haneke, David Lynch, and Claire Denis.

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Closet Picks

While perusing our collection, the acclaimed actor and singer-songwriter linked some of her favorite films to memories of her family.

Sarita Choudhury’s Closet Picks

The costar of Mississippi Masala stocks up on films she cherishes, including classics by Satyajit Ray, Michelangelo Antonioni, and Stephen Frears.

Theodore Witcher’s Closet Picks

The writer-director of love jones pays a visit to our office and stocks up on a few classics that he hasn’t revisited in years.

Garrett Bradley’s Closet Picks

The director of the Oscar-nominated documentary Time shares an eclectic selection of her favorite films, from European art-house staples to classics of Black cinema.

Kemp Powers’s Closet Picks

The Oscar-nominated screenwriter of One Night in Miami . . . selects a handful of favorite films, including an animated movie that haunted his childhood and a classic courtroom drama that has influenced his approach to dialogue.

Colin Quinn’s Closet Picks

The veteran New York comedian selects some of his favorite films, including a handful that capture his hometown through the decades.

Rodarte’s Closet Picks

The sisters behind the acclaimed fashion brand share their love for the iconoclastic filmmakers who have inspired them.

Joanna Hogg’s Closet Picks

The acclaimed director of The Souvenir gushes over her favorite musicals and stocks up on films by Federico Fellini.

Nathan Lane’s Closet Picks

The Emmy- and Tony-winning actor stopped by our offices to regale us with stories and stock up on some of his favorite Hollywood classics.

Isabel Sandoval’s Closet Picks

The multitalented auteur selects a few all-time favorites that reflect her bold cinematic style, as well as a number of movies she’s excited to see for the first time.

James L. Brooks’s Closet Picks

The director of Broadcast News and Terms of Endearment paid us a visit and talked about some of his comedy favorites, from Oscar Wilde to Albert Brooks.

Matthew Modine’s Closet Picks

During a trip to our offices, the actor reminisced about working with legendary directors like Robert Altman and Stanley Kubrick.

John Dwyer’s Closet Picks

The underground rock veteran (and founding member of the band Osees, a.k.a. Thee Oh Sees or Oh Sees) stopped by our office to stock up on an eclectic mix of cinematic thrills.

Jenni Olson’s Closet Picks

The pioneering filmmaker and historian stopped by our offices to pick up an eclectic mix of Hollywood and art-house classics that have shaped her love of cinema.

Desiree Akhavan’s Closet Picks

The writer-director-star of Appropriate Behavior shares what she’s learned about life and cinema from her favorite movies.

Karina Longworth’s Closet Picks

The prolific writer and creator of the popular film podcast You Must Remember This stopped by last year for a visit and picked up an eclectic mix of old Hollywood and art-house classics.

Ben Sinclair’s Closet Picks

The cocreator and star of the HBO series High Maintenance shared a few wacky urban tales with us while digging through some of his favorite movies.

Marco Bellocchio’s Closet Picks

The celebrated Italian auteur stopped by our closet last year while in town to present his new mafia epic, The Traitor.

Peter Sarsgaard’s Closet Picks

The acclaimed actor chatted with us about his fondest movie memories, including his experience of discovering art-house cinema in Catholic school.

Leslie Harris’s Closet Picks

With her groundbreaking debut film, Just Another Girl on the I.R.T., now on the Criterion Channel, the director stopped by to talk about the movies that loom large in her personal canon.

John Sayles’s Closet Picks

During the production of our release of Matewan, the first Sayles film in the collection, the director paid us a visit and talked about some of his formative moviegoing experiences.

John Waters’ Closet Picks

While we were working on our new edition of Polyester, the Pope of Trash paid us a visit and shared stories about meeting Shirley Stoler and watching under the influence.

Kim Cattrall’s Closet Picks

On a recent visit, the award-winning Sex and the City star chatted with us about falling in love with movies as a child and the Hollywood and art-house classics that have been her personal touchstones.