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The Perverse Magic of Long Ago: John Greyson on His Landmark Film Lilies

The Canadian filmmaker and artist reflects on his award-winning 1996 breakthrough, a work of voluptuous style and fierce political commitment that remains a landmark of New Queer Cinema.

By B. Ruby Rich

American Cinema’s Sixties Crack-Up

During a period of seismic change in U.S. history, the Hollywood studio system began to fracture beyond repair, resulting in a new freedom in how movies explored themes of violence, psychosis, and social breakdown.

By Will Noah

Still Standing: A Conversation with Ayoka Chenzira

From documentaries and stop-motion animation to multimedia projects, the richly varied work of this veteran director is a testament to her innovative spirit and her commitment to the everyday beauty of African American experiences.

By Tayler Montague

The Urgency of the Moment: A Conversation with Lizzie Borden

Fiercely committed to the possibilities of political art, the trailblazing director talks about how her intersectional understanding of feminism imbues her films, three of which are now playing on the Criterion Channel.

By So Mayer

How Dweller Charts a Path Through Black Queer Spaces

Ryan Clarke and S*an D. Henry-Smith—two curators behind New York City’s premier Black electronic music festival—talk about the films they selected for Radical Dreams, Underground Sounds, a collection now playing on the Criterion Channel.

By Dessane Lopez Cassell

Wild Combinations: A Conversation with Matt Wolf

Combining a passion for preservation with a desire for experimentation, the documentary filmmaker creates portraits of visionary outsiders in a style guided less by narrative than by emotion.

By Hillary Weston

Curator Jonathan Ali on the Cutting Edge of Caribbean Cinema

The programmer of Third Horizon, a series now playing on the Criterion Channel, discusses the challenges of cinematic representation and the need to think beyond its limits.

By Tiana Reid

Through a Screen Darkly: A Conversation with Micaela Durand and Daniel Chew

In the work of this New York–based filmmaking duo, the internet is an omnipresent force in everyday life, warping our perceptions and desires.

By Maya Binyam

Into the Groove: A Conversation with Susan Seidelman

Beloved for her stylistic range and her vibrant portraits of New York City, the director discusses the feminist spirit that runs throughout her work and the collaborations that bring her films to life.

By Hillary Weston

Meaning in the Method: A Conversation with Ellen Burstyn

The award-winning actor talks about training with Lee Strasberg, her involvement in the Actors Studio, and her on- and off-screen contributions to two of her most important films.

By Isaac Butler

A Rich Counterhistory of Masculinities On-Screen

Writer-archivist-filmmaker Jenni Olson and critic Caden Mark Gardner discuss Masc, a collection of films on the Criterion Channel that explores the many forms of masculinity beyond the realm of cisgender men.

By Andrew Chan

Stories in Unlikely Places: A Conversation with Jeanie Finlay

In her deeply empathetic documentaries, the British filmmaker illuminates the lives of ordinary people who have quietly created new identities and possibilities for themselves.

By Simran Hans

Anything Is Possible Here: A Conversation with Miryam Charles

In her feature debut, Cette maison, the Haitian Canadian filmmaker develops an ornate and innovative approach to documentary form as she grapples with a painful part of her family history.

By Nataleah Hunter-Young

Let the Words Do the Work: debbie tucker green on ear for eye

One of Britain’s most celebrated playwrights talks about bringing her uncompromising exploration of racism and resistance to the screen.

By Ife Olujobi

Spiral Cinema: A Conversation with Janaína Oliveira

The Brazil-based programmer discusses her transnational, oppositional approach to curating the daring lineup for Opacity, which was presented at the Flaherty Seminar in 2021 and is now available on the Criterion Channel.

By Yasmina Price

Glen Pitre Looks Back on a Louisiana Cinema Landmark

The director of Belizaire the Cajun talks about his pioneering depiction of the Cajun French community and the transformative impact the Sundance Institute had on his film career.

By Andrew Chan

Something Human: A Conversation with Sofia Bohdanowicz and Deragh Campbell

The frequent collaborators talk about their close friendship, the paths that led them to each other, and the artistic values they share.

By Hillary Weston

Decolonizing Australian Cinema: A Conversation with Warwick Thornton

The director of Samson and Delilah and Sweet Country discusses his formative artistic encounters, his eclectic professional background, and on-screen Indigenous representation.

By Beatrice Loayza

Killing Time with Fronza Woods

The trailblazing and idiosyncratic filmmaker discusses her two newly restored shorts, her childhood in Detroit, and her decision to leave the movie industry behind.

By Lydia Ogwang

Intimate Apparel: A Conversation with Nancy Steiner

The veteran designer talks about her wide-ranging, three-decade career, which has included collaborations with rock icons like Nirvana and filmmakers like Sofia Coppola and David Lynch.

By Hillary Weston

Memories of a Vibrant Moment in Asian American Cinema

Five pioneering filmmakers look back on the communities and institutions that helped them flourish in the 1990s, an era in Asian American moving-image culture that has since gone underappreciated.

Documentary’s Newest Forms: A Conversation with Inney Prakash

The founder of the experimental documentary festival Prismatic Ground discusses his vision for rethinking the bounds of nonfiction cinema.

By Jordan Cronk

Unfinished Stories: A Conversation with Rosine Mbakam

The Cameroonian filmmaker resists the colonial and paternalistic tendencies of documentaries set in Africa by giving her subjects the power to shape how they are represented on-screen.

By Yasmina Price

Working Memory: A Conversation with Sophy Romvari

With a collection of her films now available on the Criterion Channel, the director behind Still Processing discusses the radically personal nature of her work.

By Beatrice Loayza