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    The Emigrants/
    The New Land

    Jan Troell’s two-part saga, now available on Blu-ray and DVD, follows Swedish couple Kristina and Karl Oskar (played by Liv Ullmann and Max von Sydow) as they venture to make a new life in the wilds of nineteenth-century Minnesota.

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    Charles Vidor’s classic noir showcases a dazzlingly seductive Rita Hayworth in the role that made her an icon to moviegoers around the globe. The film is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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    Inside Llewyn Davis

    The Coen brothers’ mythic 2013 tale of a down-on-his-luck musician making his way through the Greenwich Village folk scene of the early 1960s is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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    April Titles!

    Whit Stillman’s Barcelona rounds out a new box set of his trilogy (including Metropolitan and The Last Days of Disco). Plus: Howard Hawks’s Only Angels Have Wings, Christian Petzold’s Phoenix, a new release of David Lean’s Brief Encounter, and four Kennedy documentaries by Robert Drew and his associates.

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Coming Soon

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  • A Whit Stillman Trilogy: Metropolitan, Barcelona, The Last Days of Disco (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    A Whit Stillman Trilogy: Metropolitan, Barcelona, The Last Days of Disco

    Whit Stillman

  • A Poem Is a Naked Person (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    A Poem Is a Naked Person

    Les Blank

  • The Manchurian Candidate (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Manchurian Candidate

    John Frankenheimer

  • Phoenix (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    Christian Petzold

  • A Brighter Summer Day (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    A Brighter Summer Day

    Edward Yang

  • Paris Belongs to Us (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Paris Belongs to Us

    Jacques Rivette

  • The Graduate (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Graduate

    Mike Nichols

  • Only Angels Have Wings (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Only Angels Have Wings

    Howard Hawks

  • Brief Encounter (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Brief Encounter

    David Lean

  • Death by Hanging (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Death by Hanging

    Nagisa Oshima

  • The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates

    Robert Drew

  • I Knew Her Well (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    I Knew Her Well

    Antonio Pietrangeli

  • The Kid (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Kid

    Charlie Chaplin

  • Bicycle Thieves (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Bicycle Thieves

    Vittorio De Sica

  • Barcelona (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    Whit Stillman


New Releases

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  • Inside Llewyn Davis (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Inside Llewyn Davis

    Joel Coen…

  • Bitter Rice (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Bitter Rice

    Giuseppe De Santis

  • Classic Hitchcock (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Classic Hitchcock

    Alfred Hitchcock

  • The Complete Lady Snowblood (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Complete Lady Snowblood

    Toshiya Fujita

  • Speedy (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    Ted Wilde

  • The American Friend (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The American Friend

    Wim Wenders

  • The Emigrants/The New Land (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Emigrants/The New Land

    Jan Troell

  • The Rock Box (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Rock Box

  • Dont Look Back (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Dont Look Back

    D. A. Pennebaker

  • Jellyfish Eyes (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Jellyfish Eyes

    Takashi Murakami

  • Burroughs: The Movie  (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Burroughs: The Movie

    Howard Brookner

  • The Apu Trilogy (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Apu Trilogy

    Satyajit Ray

  • In Cold Blood (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    In Cold Blood

    Richard Brooks

  • Downhill Racer (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Downhill Racer

    Michael Ritchie

  • Ikiru (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    Akira Kurosawa

  • Gilda (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    Charles Vidor

  • Emmigrantnewland2_thumbnail

    The Emigrants/The New Land: Homelands

    By Terrence Rafferty • 09 February 2016 • 0 comments
    Jan Troell’s narration of one Swedish couple’s arduous journey to America portrays the migratory quality of marriage—of “finding that you think of this person who is not you, or this place that . . . Read more »

  • Gilda_current_thumbnail

    The Long Shadow of Gilda

    By Sheila O’Malley • 21 January 2016 • 0 comments
    In Gilda, Charles Vidor’s “violent, sexual, chaotic” noir, the director focused on Rita Hayworth’s skills as an actor and a dancer, eliciting a performance that became iconic in its own right . . . Read more »

  • Insidellewyndavis_current_thumbnail

    Inside Llewyn Davis: The Sound of Music

    By Kent Jones • 19 January 2016 • 1 comment
    Inside Llewyn Davis takes its protagonist on a Hero’s Journey of characteristically Coen-esque proportions—a voyage at turns serious and comic, and framed by an exquisitely curated selection of . . . Read more »