Technical Support

What do I need to watch a Blu-ray?

You need an HDTV and a compatible Blu-ray player.

Will DVDs play in my Blu-ray player?

Yes. Blu-ray players are fully backward compatible with DVDs.

Will Blu-rays play in my DVD player?


Do you sell your Blu-rays outside the United States? What regions do they play in?

We publish region A Blu-rays for the North American market and region B Blu-rays for the UK market.

What audio codec do you use on your Blu-ray discs?

We encode monaural and stereo sources using PCM, and we encode surround-sound sources using DTS-HD Master Audio.

Do your Blu-rays play in all Blu-ray players?

No. Some of the first-generation Blu-ray players will not play Criterion Blu-rays. A known example is the Samsung BD-P1200. Additionally, the following players have initial loading times of 2 to 3 minutes: Samsung BD-P1400, Sharp BD-HP20U, and Panasonic DMP BD10. This is normal for these players.

What should I know about handling Blu-rays?

Blu-rays are extremely sensitive to dirt and fingerprints, so be sure to handle them carefully and avoid getting fingerprints on the playback surface. Even a small, partial fingerprint has been known to cause problems.

If you do need to clean a Blu-ray, here are some helpful tips: Be sure to wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before cleaning the disc. Hold the Blu-ray under cool running water (don’t use soap!) and use your thumb or fingertip to clean the surface by gently rubbing from the center outward. Don’t use a back-and-forth motion or rub the disc in circles (the motion should be like rays extending from the sun, not the hands of a clock turning). After washing, it is important to dry the disc thoroughly or it will gather lint. Sandwich the disc between several layers of high-quality paper towel and very gently pat dry until all the water has been absorbed from the surface. Do not rub the disc with a paper towel!