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People and Places of Scoundrels & Spitballers

Tinseltown’s golden age comes to life in this supplemental guide to our conversation with journalist Philippe Garnier.

By Imogen Sara Smith

Kent Jones Shares Pieces of His Cinematic DNA

With his feature debut now in theaters, one of our longtime contributors shares his memories of the moviegoing experiences that have shaped him.

A Born Editor: Remembering Françoise Bonnot (1939–2018)

The great French editor talks about growing up in the cutting room and how she became one of Costa-Gavras’s most trusted collaborators.

A Sound for Love and Loss: Bo Harwood on A Woman Under the Influence

With just piano and guitar, longtime Cassavetes collaborator Bo Harwood created a score that highlights the melancholy in the director’s acclaimed domestic drama.

A Weekend in Lynch Land

At a two-day festival in Brooklyn, David Lynch diehards got a chance to meditate, walk through their own Eraserhead experience, and hear from the master himself.

By Hillary Weston

From the Tarkovsky Archives

On what would have been his eighty-sixth birthday, we’re celebrating Andrei Tarkvosky’s legacy with a look back at some of the essays and videos we’ve published on his work.

From the Pasolini Archives

On the anniversary of his birth, we look back on the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini, one of the most radical figures of Italian cinema.

Words of Wisdom from This Year’s DGA Nominees

With the Oscars coming up this weekend, we gathered some highlights from an in-depth conversation with five of this year’s most-lauded directors.

When Jazz Icon Hugh Masekela Took the Stage at Monterey

With the recent passing of Hugh Masekela, we’re looking back at the South African jazz luminary’s unforgettable performance in Monterey Pop.

From the Jarmusch Archives

Today, we celebrate Jim Jarmusch’s birthday with a look back at some of the writing we’ve published on his films over the years.

Robin Holland on the Set of Paris, Texas

We remember the late portrait photographer Robin Holland with two images she took on the set of Paris, Texas.

Ana Lily Amirpour’s Taste for Tampopo

Filmmaker Ana Lily Amirpour shares her love for Juzo Itami’s foodie classic in this new video, which we’re sharing just in time for National Noodle Day.

A Moment with Harry

Filmmaker Allison Anders recalls a story about her time working with the late Harry Dean Stanton on the set of Paris, Texas.

By Allison Anders

The Old in the New at TIFF 2017

Highlights from this year’s stellar Toronto International Film Festival lineup echoed a handful of classics from our collection.

By Andrew Chan

One Scene

Alone Together in the City: One Scene from Naked

The disheveled drifter at the heart of Mike Leigh’s 1993 masterpiece collides with a disturbed young man in this brilliantly acted, semi-screwball scene.

By Ashley Clark

Still Swooning After All These Years: Desert Hearts, Back in Theaters

A landmark of mainstream queer cinema, Donna Deitch’s 1986 feature debut returns to theaters in a new restoration.

From the Kieślowski Archives

On what would have been his seventy-sixth birthday, we look back at the incandescent, richly cinematic reveries of one of the most acclaimed Polish filmmakers of his generation.

A Night at the Wing with Kirsten Johnson

Kirsten Johnson joined Illeana Douglas for an evening of conversation and a screening of Cameraperson at the Wing, a women’s club that recently opened in Manhattan.

By Hillary Weston

Playing Catch-Up: A Week of First Encounters at the Quad

Manhattan’s Quad Cinema reopened last month with a series of events that highlighted the emotional immediacy that comes with the experience of watching movies for the first time.

By Andrew Chan

Seventy Years of Cannes: Dheepan in 2015
I’m capping off my weeklong look at Cannes festivals past by revisiting the 2015 winner, Dheepan. Director Jacques Audiard accepted the Palme d’Or for this devastating portrait of the refugee crisis in Europe and took the opportunity to shout out…

By Neil McGlone

Seventy Years of Cannes: The Wind That Shakes the Barley in 2006
Today’s journey back through Cannes history takes me to the festival’s fifty-ninth edition, when Ken Loach won the Palme d’Or for The Wind That Shakes the Barley—a film currently playing in a limited engagement on the Criterion Channel at Fil…

By Neil McGlone

Seventy Years of Cannes: Taste of Cherry in 1997
The vast majority of Cannes top-prize recipients have been either European or American, which makes it all the more worthwhile to note those winners that come from historically underrepresented nations. At the 1997 ceremony, Iran’s flourishing film…

By Neil McGlone

Seventy Years of Cannes: Kagemusha in 1980
Cannes kicked off the 1980s with a Palme d’Or win for a giant of Japanese cinema entering the final stages of his career. Akira Kurosawa’s Kagemusha (the title of which literally translates as “shadow warrior”) follows a small-time thief who …

By Neil McGlone

Seventy Years of Cannes: The Tin Drum in 1979
For my top-prize pick from the 1970s, I’ve chosen a film that enjoyed great commercial success while also stirring up international controversy. Though it was one of the highest-grossing German films of the decade, Volker Schlöndorff’s adaptatio…

By Neil McGlone