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Live Streaming Event: Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus

Join us on Sunday, June 30, for the premiere; afterwards, Opus will stream exclusively on the Criterion Channel.

By David Hudson

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Underground on Top

We open with an Italian neorealist classic, steer through ’70s-era paranoia, and wrap with a blast of gnarly rock ’n’ roll.

By David Hudson

Rediscovering Yasuzo Masumura at Karlovy Vary

An underrated figure of Japanese cinema’s postwar era, the director tackled a wide range of subjects over his long career, including corporate double-dealing, government espionage, and various forms of fanaticism.

By Farran Smith Nehme

In the Orbit of Powell and Pressburger

All the Archers’ classics but also more than a few rarities will screen as part of MoMA’s comprehensive retrospective.

By David Hudson

Farewell, Anouk Aimée

She was Demy’s Lola, Fellini’s Luisa, and in Lelouch’s A Man and a Woman, Trintignant’s lover.

By David Hudson

Victims of Sin: Dancing in the Dark

A masterpiece from the golden age of Mexican cinema, Emilio Fernández’s film is a prime example of the cabaretera film, an offshoot of the popular “prostitute melodrama” genre.

By Jacqueline Avila

Bound: Be Gay, Do Crime

In this stylish erotic noir, Lilly and Lana Wachowski delight in destabilizing our genre and gender expectations, laying the foundation for the trans sensibility that runs through all their work.

By McKenzie Wark

June Books

We’re diving deeper this month into a new Elaine May biography and memoirs from Susan Seidelman and Griffin Dunne.

By David Hudson

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Defining Communities

Featured this week are a breakthrough lesbian comedy, a Native American road movie, and a portrait of a Palestinian family.

By David Hudson

Annie Baker: Playwright, Director, Curator

Baker has selected seventeen films to screen in New York before her first feature opens next week.

By David Hudson

Cinéma Laika and the Kaurismäki Effect

Veljko Vidak’s documentary on the construction of a movie theater in a Finnish town screens with five films by Aki Kaurismäki.

By David Hudson

AFI Silver’s Pre-Code Weekend

Every screening in this sin-ridden program will be introduced by an esteemed film historian.

By David Hudson

Querelle: Erogenous Zones

A radically strange, postmodern adaptation of a novel by Jean Genet, Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s final film is grounded by a sweaty, seething, meaty eroticism—a confrontational sexuality that remains bracing.

By Nathan Lee

Clip: Richard Linklater on Talk Easy

Sam Fragoso gets Linklater talking about the evolution of his approach to making films from Slacker through Hit Man.

By David Hudson

The Perverse Magic of Long Ago: John Greyson on His Landmark Film Lilies

The Canadian filmmaker and artist reflects on his award-winning 1996 breakthrough, a work of voluptuous style and fierce political commitment that remains a landmark of New Queer Cinema.

By B. Ruby Rich

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Look at the Truth

Standouts this week include conversations with Bridgett M. Davis and Nan Goldin and essays on Nobuhiko Obayashi and Paul Schrader.

By David Hudson

Agnieszka Holland at MoMI

In the run-up to the release of Green Border, the Museum of the Moving Image will present a two-week, ten-film survey of her work.

By David Hudson

Sophia Loren: La signora di Napoli

Film at Lincoln Center presents the first-ever New York retrospective dedicated to one of cinema’s most beguiling stars.

By David Hudson

Tribeca 2024

A doc on the Brat Pack, a new feature from Joel Potrykus, and an animated trip to Mars are among this year’s highlights.

By David Hudson

Bleak Weeks in LA and NYC

The popular American Cinematheque series expands in Los Angeles, and then, for the first time, heads to New York.

By David Hudson

Did You See This?

The Endless Cycle

This week revives the ghost of Fellini and overflows with conversations about movies, movies, and more movies.

By David Hudson

Remembering Thomas Heise

Personal and political histories are inextricable in the late filmmaker’s documentaries.

By David Hudson

May Books

The season brings new biographies of Ingmar Bergman and Elaine May, a novel by Miranda July, plus interviews, excerpts, and podcasts

By David Hudson

Animal, Mineral, Vegetable

Berlin’s Kino Arsenal presents a series focusing on nature and the nonhuman in cinema.

By David Hudson