Studio Visits

Gian Galang Summons the Kinetic Energy of a Martial-Arts Icon

Criterion Designs — Jun 29, 2020

While preparing to work on our epic box set celebrating cinema’s most internationally beloved martial artist, we knew we had to call on someone who could deliver a kick-ass cover image. Gian Galang, the man behind the illustrations in Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits, has been steeped in the influence of hard-fighting kung-fu stars like Lee since he was a child living in Hong Kong. A former art director who began his career in the advertising industry, Galang is now a freelance artist who specializes in images of martial arts and action sports, and he brought his lifelong passion for these traditions to his work on our upcoming release. In this new episode of Studio Visits, we head to his New York studio to talk with him about his unconventional approach to painting and how he captured the spirit of his childhood hero. Watch to the end for a look at Galang’s own impressive martial-arts moves, which found their way into his creative process!

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