• The holidays are finally over, but a different winter celebration is just beginning in London. This week, BFI Southbank is beginning its Yasujiro Ozu “season,” made up of two parallel sections: a complete retrospective of the surviving work of the Japanese filmmaker, whose poetic style has come to typify Japanese cinema for many international viewers, running from January 5 to February 27—and featuring all the long-established masterpieces (Tokyo Story, Floating Weeds) alongside some hard-to-find early genre titles (Dragnet Girl, Walk Cheerfully); and Ozu and His Influence, a showcase of films from around the world that pay homage to the master’s work, including titles from Claire Denis, Hou Hsaio-hsien, Jim Jarmusch, Aki Kaurismäki, Ang Lee, and Wim Wenders—this series begins January 7 and concludes February 28. For more information on these retrospectives, check out introductions on the BFI website by Tony Rayns and Geoff Andrew. Meanwhile, Time Out London has taken a slightly less reverent approach to the series in its new online feature “The A–Z of Ozu,” which it calls a “bluffer’s guide” to the director’s career. And, of course, you can also explore the films of Ozu right here in the Criterion Collection.

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