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    Three Reasons: Limelight

    Charlie Chaplin’s beautifully wrought emotional drama will make you smile and tear up. Here are our reasons why it’s an enduring classic.

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    The Rose

    Mark Rydell’s electrifying tale of a bottoming-out rock star (played by Bette Midler in her breakthrough role), luminously shot by Vilmos Zsigmond, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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    August Titles!

    Presenting Truffaut’s movie about moviemaking Day for Night (right), De Palma’s Dressed to Kill, Reisz’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman, and the Dardennes’ Two Days, One Night, plus Dassin’s Night and the City on Blu-ray for the first time and our latest Eclipse series, Agnès Varda in California.

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  • Spotlight

    Criterion Designs

    Criterion’s Eric Skillman writes about the challenge of designing the box set Les Blank: Always for Pleasure​.

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Coming Soon

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  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

    Jaromil Jireš

  • Two Days, One Night (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Two Days, One Night

    Jean-Pierre Dardenne…

  • Eclipse Series 43: Agnès Varda in California (Eclipse DVD)

    Agnès Varda in California

    Agnès Varda

  • Night and the City (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Night and the City

    Jules Dassin

  • The Black Stallion (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Black Stallion

    Carroll Ballard

  • My Dinner with André (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    My Dinner with André

    Louis Malle

  • The  Bridge (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Bridge

    Bernhard Wicki

  • The French Lieutenant’s Woman (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The French Lieutenant’s Woman

    Karel Reisz

  • The Fisher King (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Fisher King

    Terry Gilliam

  • Hiroshima mon amour (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Hiroshima mon amour

    Alain Resnais

  • Here is Your Life (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Here Is Your Life

    Jan Troell

  • André Gregory & Wallace Shawn: 3 Films (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    André Gregory & Wallace Shawn: 3 Films

  • Five Easy Pieces (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Five Easy Pieces

    Bob Rafelson

  • Moonrise Kingdom (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Moonrise Kingdom

    Wes Anderson

  • My Beautiful Laundrette (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    My Beautiful Laundrette

    Stephen Frears

  • The Killers (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Killers

  • Day for Night (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Day for Night

    François Truffaut

  • A Master Builder (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    A Master Builder

    Jonathan Demme

  • Dressed to Kill (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Dressed to Kill

    Brian De Palma


New Releases

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  • Eclipse Series 42: Silent Ozu—Three Crime Dramas (Eclipse DVD)

    Silent Ozu—Three Crime Dramas

    Yasujiro Ozu

  • The Merchant of Four Seasons (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Merchant of Four Seasons

    Rainer Werner Fassbinder

  • The Soft Skin (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Soft Skin

    François Truffaut

  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Friends of Eddie Coyle

    Peter Yates

  • Odd Man Out (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Odd Man Out

    Carol Reed

  • Hoop Dreams (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Hoop Dreams

    Steve James

  • Ride the Pink Horse (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Ride the Pink Horse

    Robert Montgomery

  • Sullivan’s Travels (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Sullivan’s Travels

    Preston Sturges

  • State of Siege (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    State of Siege


  • The Thin Blue Line (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Thin Blue Line

    Errol Morris

  • Le silence de la mer (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Le silence de la mer

    Jean-Pierre Melville

  • Limelight (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    Charles Chaplin

  • Make Way for Tomorrow  (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Make Way for Tomorrow

    Leo McCarey

  • The Rose (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Rose

    Mark Rydell

  • The Confession (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Confession


  • The River (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The River

    Jean Renoir

  • Gates of Heaven/Vernon, Florida (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Gates of Heaven/Vernon, Florida

    Errol Morris

  • Cries and Whispers (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Cries and Whispers

    Ingmar Bergman