• Spotlight

    Lynch Shorts

    Among the special features on our forthcoming edition of Eraserhead is a selection of David Lynch’s short films. Check out a gallery of evocative images from these awesome, bite-sized oddities.

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  • Spotlight

    Of Birds and War

    Georges Franju’s delightfully tricky caper Judex has more on its mind than heists and slinky superheroes, argues writer Evan Calder Williams in this new video essay.

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  • Spotlight

    Bob Fosse on All That Jazz

    The choreographer, filmmaker, and all-around razzle-dazzler talks about the dark inspiration for his 1979 musical masterpiece in this interview clip.

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  • Spotlight

    Terence Davies

    Read an excerpt from a new book about the great British director, and view the beautiful scene from The Long Day Closes discussed in the passage.

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Coming Soon

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  • Sundays and Cybèle (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Sundays and Cybèle

    Serge Bourguignon

  • Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

    Rainer Werner Fassbinder

  • My Darling Clementine (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    My Darling Clementine

    John Ford

  • Eraserhead (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    David Lynch

  • Macbeth (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    Roman Polanski

  • Les Blank: Always for Pleasure (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Les Blank: Always for Pleasure

    Les Blank

  • The Complete Jacques Tati (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Complete Jacques Tati

    Jacques Tati

  • F for Fake (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    F for Fake

    Orson Welles

  • The Vanishing (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Vanishing

    George Sluizer

  • L’avventura (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    Michelangelo Antonioni

  • La dolce vita (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    La dolce vita

    Federico Fellini

  • Tootsie (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    Sydney Pollack

  • It Happened One Night (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    It Happened One Night

    Frank Capra

  • The Shooting/Ride in the Whirlwind (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Shooting/Ride in the Whirlwind

    Monte Hellman

  • The Innocents (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    The Innocents

    Jack Clayton


New Releases

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  • Love Streams (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

    Love Streams

    John Cassavetes

  • The Essential Jacques Demy (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

    The Essential Jacques Demy

    Jacques Demy

  • Judex (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)


    Georges Franju

  • Hearts and Minds (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

    Hearts and Minds

    Peter Davis

  • Picnic at Hanging Rock (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

    Picnic at Hanging Rock

    Peter Weir

  • All That Jazz (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

    All That Jazz

    Bob Fosse

  • A Hard Day’s Night (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

    A Hard Day’s Night

    Richard Lester

  • Scanners (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)


    David Cronenberg

  • Red River (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

    Red River

    Howard Hawks

  • Vengeance Is Mine (Criterion Blu-Ray)

    Vengeance Is Mine

    Shohei Imamura

  • Insomnia (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)


    Erik Skjoldbjærg

  • Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

    Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

    Pedro Almodóvar

  • Y tu mamá también  (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

    Y tu mamá también

    Alfonso Cuarón

  • The Big Chill (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

    The Big Chill

    Lawrence Kasdan

  • Pickpocket (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)


    Robert Bresson