• Best known for her generation-defining hits Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Clueless, writer-director Amy Heckerling left an indelible mark on the teen-comedy genre in the eighties and nineties with her whip-smart dialogue and affectionately satirical approach to pop culture. While she was in New York last year for the Metrograph theater’s celebration of her three-decade career, she stopped by the Criterion office to chat with us about her early days as a struggling filmmaker and the formative influences that have shaped her work. That conversation continued in our closet, where she delved into some of her favorite films in the collection, ranging from silent comedy classics to post–World War II dramas.


  • By Davey32
    April 04, 2017
    11:31 PM

    She is really amazing! I think 'Fast Times' would make a great addition to the collection. It was a game-changing teen classic, with a lot more than just sex and drugs underneath.
    • By Smurray
      April 09, 2017
      12:38 AM

      There were rumors "Clueless" was being added to the Collection; this kind of solidifies that for me. Was she at Criterion recording commentary??
    • By Smurray
      April 27, 2017
      11:21 PM

      There were rumors "Clueless" was being added to the Collection. The fact she was at Criterion's studio makes me think a commentary was being recorded.
  • By Cathy Earnshaw
    April 05, 2017
    09:01 AM

    Her commentary on Tokyo Story really has me wanting to revisit it
  • By Patrick
    April 05, 2017
    09:58 AM

    This might be the best closet video yet. Thanks for sharing!
  • By Ross McLeod
    April 06, 2017
    03:20 AM

    Another great closet video !!!! Great picks and comments from Amy Heckerling !!!
  • By Smurray
    May 04, 2017
    01:09 AM

    Clueless has been rumored to be joining the Collection. I wonder if she was at Criterion's studio recording commentary?