• When’s the last time you saw Broadcast News? The critics have just filed their stories on our new Blu-ray and DVD release of James L. Brooks’s clever, acidic romantic comedy; according to them, it’s definitely worth another look. For Movieline, Alonso Duralde writes, “A new Criterion Collection DVD makes the case that this smart, funny, and topical romantic comedy ranks among Hollywood’s best. And after watching this nearly twenty-five-year-old movie again, it’s a strong case.” For Home Theater Forum, Matt Hough calls the movie a “trenchant, hilarious, and real look at the heart and soul of a network news operation,” citing its “biting wit, superb comic highlights drawn from believable human situations, and intensely interesting characters.” DVD Beaver’s Gary Tooze calls it “stylish, smart, witty, and memorable,” adding that the Blu-ray is “easily the best video presentation of the film for home theater enjoyment. It looks perfect.” For his blog, the Phantom Country, Josef Braun writes,Broadcast News does represent the zenith of a particular kind of Hollywood film,” and goes on to cite “Michael Ballhaus’s superb camera work.” Brynn White, in the January/February issue of Film Comment (piece not online), proclaims Brooks’s film “a relevant and painfully hilarious indictment of the media’s promotion of false emotion and—more frighteningly—an exposé of Hollywood’s own loss of integrity and nuance.” And the last word, from DVD File: Broadcast News is a great film in a world where not that many get made.”


  • By Jane Craig
    March 17, 2011
    03:14 PM

    The greatest film ever made.
  • By Z. Bart
    March 17, 2011
    03:20 PM

    I will accept that comment as true, Ms. Craig, only if it's the only film you've ever seen.

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