• “It’s hard to imagine The Leopard looking much better on home video than it does in the new high-definition version,” writes Dave Kehr in the New York Times this week. What he’s referring to, of course, is Criterion’s new Blu-ray release of Luchino Visconti’s opulent epic, available today. In his in-depth review, Kehr guides us through the 1963 film’s long history of restoration and rediscovery, before taking a closer look at the movie itself, which he calls the director’s “last great work,” concluding, “Visconti achieves a near-perfect balance of personal drama and historical perspective.”

    For more on this masterpiece, see the Los Angeles Times, DVD Talk, and Blu-ray.com (which calls it “a prime contender for a Blu-ray release of the year”).


  • By Alejandro A.
    June 30, 2010
    10:49 AM

    What the world need in Criterion is the best movie ever made: Luchino Visconti´s Conversation Piece (Grupo di famiglia in interno)!!!
  • By Adam M
    July 05, 2010
    06:05 AM

    I love this film and can't wait for this pristine new version coming out. I haven't seen much of Luchino Visconti´s other movies so I'll have to check them out too.
  • By Philip Brubaker
    July 05, 2010
    09:14 PM

    What I REALLY want to see is Visconti's "Rocco and His Brothers". You can't find that anywhere. Come on Criterion!
  • By Bob
    July 06, 2010
    12:40 PM

    ^^^Rocco e i suoi fratelli would be awesome indeed.
  • By OrphanSeasun
    July 06, 2010
    05:32 PM

    I bought this on blu-ray on a whim this weekend - classy packaging of a film I've heard mention of many times. A friend once remarked while we were watching the near perfect Sicily portion of The Godfather, that it was one big homage to Visconti's The Leopard. Of course I was intrigued. I was overcome by the beauty of the cinematography and the film itself is funny, grand, and very moving at times. I'll need to check out Criterion's White Nights next - is it any good?

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