Garrett Bradley’s Closet Picks

Closet Picks

Feb 18, 2022

The artist and filmmaker Garrett Bradley pushes the boundaries of form and genre in her eclectic body of work, which takes an intimate look at subjects like the carceral state and the forgotten early history of African American cinema. Her Oscar-nominated documentary Time, a boldly evocative portrait of contemporary Black life from the perspective of a woman navigating the criminal justice system, entered the Criterion Collection in January. To celebrate the occasion, Bradley paid a visit to our office and perused the closet, where she made a point to pick up not only some of her longtime favorites, like The Battle of Algiers and Love & Basketball, but intriguing titles she has yet to see, like Betty Blue. Click on the video above to see the remainder of Bradley’s selections, which range from European art-house standards to classics by pioneering Black filmmakers.

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