• 10 Things I Learned: On the Waterfront

    By Issa Clubb


  • By Allen Sawyer
    February 21, 2013
    06:34 PM

    A Trip To Bountiful was written by Horton Foote not Thorton Wilder
  • By Cameron Young
    February 21, 2013
    07:42 PM

    "On the waterfront" is political stool pigeon-ism cloaked as self-righteous art. One of the few times I dislike a film because of the politics of those involved. Kazan and Schulberg named names to save their own skins. And validated McCarthyism in the process. I refuse to own or watch this picture.
    • By LJ
      February 22, 2013
      08:26 PM

      Your loss.
    • By Luddite24
      February 23, 2013
      07:52 PM

      I have ambiguous feelings towards Kazan. it's easy to condemn him . it would have been 'nice if he could have had the courage and the belief of the Anti -Witchcraft and the Defiant. He undoubtedly hurt many people as well as added 'ligiamacy' and power to dangerous and unprincipled McCarthy supporters. But. not every one had the courage to stand up to the House UN -American Activities Community , the Mob. or the Climate of Fear.Not everyone can be a hero. not everyone can be strong. that doesn't make them Evil or the Devil. in addition some people believe in HUAC activities sincerely: not because they were afraid, or Evil, or Vengeful and Petty but because they did believe there was Danger. Frank Capra was okay w/ Huac, Adolphe Menjou was practically "The 12th Man" Are we going to blacklist actors, directors, writers that create great work based on politics? That is going to leave us with a very I lories and small world to choose from
  • By Issa
    February 22, 2013
    10:43 AM

    Good catch, Allen, thanks for the correction. We're fixing it now.
  • By Patrick
    February 22, 2013
    02:48 PM

    I'm guessing Sintra took that grudge with him to the grave.
    • By diego delos santos
      May 11, 2013
      12:51 PM

      im a big Sinatra fan, he took it to his grave and will return to rise again. just like what he said: the best is yet to come. and besides frank was right to call him Mumbles
  • By david t.
    February 23, 2013
    07:54 PM

    I learned that one arm can grow longer than the other arm Im still not sure if I believe it.