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Christina Newland

Christina Newland is the lead film critic at the i newspaper and a contributing editor at Empire. She has written on film, pop culture, and boxing for Vice, Sight and Sound, the BBC, MUBI’s Notebook, and Reverse Shot, among other publications. Her newsletter on women in crime film and television, Sisters Under the Mink, won a UK Freelance Writing Award in 2021.

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Dogfight: In Love and War

The gentle rapport between actors Lili Taylor and River Phoenix fuels this humane examination of American masculinity, a film that showcases the nuanced and compassionate approach of director Nancy Savoca.

By Christina Newland

The Man Behind the Wheel

Amid the anxiety and social turbulence of the Nixon era, car movies served to explore and embody the contradictions of American masculinity.

By Christina Newland

Cinema Pugilistica: A Century of Boxing on Film

Entwined with the evolution of American culture, boxing movies have used the microcosm of the ring to tackle issues of race, class, gender, and labor.

By Christina Newland

Miracle in Milan: It Is Goodness

Vittorio De Sica’s neorealist fable deploys barbed humor and surreal flourishes to depict class solidarity and human kindness in postwar Italy.

By Christina Newland

La strada: Beauty and the Beast

Federico Fellini’s earliest masterpiece is a story of despair and optimism, cruelty and salvation, that occasioned the director’s ascent to stardom.

By Christina Newland


The Gloomy Side of Sinatra in The Manchurian Candidate

In his middle age, Ol’ Blue Eyes embraced a tired, tormented persona on-screen, one that allowed him to show off his formidable acting chops.

By Christina Newland