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So Mayer

So Mayer is the author of A Nazi Word for a Nazi Thing (2020), Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema (2015), and The Cinema of Sally Potter: A Politics of Love (2009), as well as several collections of poetry. Their BFI Film Classics monograph on Orlando is forthcoming in 2023. They are a regular contributor to Frieze; a member of the London-based queer feminist film-curation collective Club des Femmes; and a cofounder of Raising Films, a campaign and community for parents and carers in the film industry.

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Dick Johnson Is Dead: Falling Angels

By repeatedly staging the death of the filmmaker’s father with tragicomic flair, Kirsten Johnson’s hybrid documentary grapples with the realities of dementia and finds grace.

By So Mayer

Working Girls: Have You Ever Heard of Surplus Value?

Lizzie Borden’s groundbreaking drama scrutinizes the gender and labor relations that structure brothel-based sex work.

By So Mayer

The Complete Films of Agnès Varda

The Heart of Documentary

Suffused with a palpable love for her subjects, Agnès Varda’s nonfiction work investigates the complex interrelations between self and community, public and private.

By So Mayer