• Sympathy for a monster? For Time, critic Steven James Snyder writes, “As I became immersed in the new Criterion Collection release of Ishiro Honda’s original Godzilla this past weekend, I found myself moved to tears—mourning for a doomed dino.” Snyder, who finds some “serious intellectual heft behind all that monster stomping, and some searing things to say about human nature,” wasn’t the only one surprised when revisiting the monster-movie classic. For Home Theater Forum, Matt Hough reminds us that it’s “far more than a popcorn thriller. It’s in many ways a thoughtful and touching piece of popular entertainment with a serious theme at its core.” And San Francisco Weekly’s Casey Burchby exclaims, “Watching Godzilla for the godzillionth time was even more rewarding than I had anticipated. It’s one of those movies that is far better than its iconography and countless parodies might suggest.”

    More from DVD Beaver’s Gary Tooze and Blu-ray.com’s Svet Atanasov, who writes, “I feel comfortable speculating that it will be considered the definitive presentation of the film for years to come.”

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