• “One of the great French films of the 1960s, Belle de jour is a masterful blend of fantasy and reality,” writes Matt Hough in a Home Theater Forum review of Luis Buñuel’s sensual and cerebral classic, now on Criterion DVD and Blu-ray. And he’s just one of many critics head over heels for the film. Budd Wilkins at Slant calls it “elegant and perverse.” Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Nashawaty focuses on the film’s star—“[Catherine] Deneuve, then twenty-four, is blindingly beautiful. She doesn’t say much in the film, but she manages to express Séverine’s excitement and fear, her shame and her ecstasy”—and then writes, “We’re never quite sure what’s real and what’s not in Buñuel’s button-pushing film. But one thing that’s never in doubt is that we're watching a masterpiece.” And Blu-ray.com’s Svet Atanasov also throws out the m word: “Belle de jour is Luis Buñuel’s masterpiece. It is powerful, unforgettable, disturbing, beautiful, and stimulating—it is everything a great film should be.”

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