• “Most of the classic horror films of the early 1930s have been released and rereleased on home video to the point of surfeit and beyond. But one, in many ways the most disturbing, has remained elusive,” writes Dave Kehr, kicking off his New York Times review of our new release of Island of Lost Souls. He goes on to say that this is “the Criterion Blu-ray edition that fans have been praying for,” adding “I’m happy to report that the film has lost none of its powerful whiff of perversity.”

    David Colton of USA Today calls the film “an unholy grail for cult and classic horror fans.” David Mermelstein of the Wall Street Journal claims that the film is “the first, and best, sanctioned screen adaptation of H. G. Wells’s provocative 1896 novel The Island of Dr. Moreau” and “far more disquieting than either Dracula or Frankenstein.Home Theater Forum’s Matt Hough deems it “haunting” and “one of the great quality horror films from the memorable decade of the 1930s.” And on his blog, Movie Crazy, Leonard Maltin remarks that Island of Lost Souls is “exquisitely creepy” and that “some of the black-and-white images photographed by Karl Struss took my breath away.”

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