• By Kevan
    July 17, 2011
    11:07 PM

    Finally, FINALLY one of Ray's films gets the treatment it deserves. Now you guys better be prepping a launch of Apu! Seriously though...wondering whether I need the Blu Ray. Is Blue Ray necessary for a 50+ year old film?
  • By minxfilms
    July 19, 2011
    02:34 PM

    Damn! Love love love love love this film. from the opening credit shot of the chandelier to the end. I saw this in 1993 on BBC4 in ireland - and it made a perma-impression in my heart - i bought a terrible DVD version in Bombay 10 years ago that held me over until some Ray retrospective would come around to a Museum and i could see it again on the big screen. Im so happy Criteron came through to share the love....
  • By Thubten C.
    September 20, 2011
    07:39 PM

    1. Satyajit Ray 2. It's an unforgettable film, one of the best EVER made 3. Excellent example of the suffering of change So glad this is finally on disc (DVD/Blu-ray). I often think of this film, and have since first seeing it at a Satyajit Ray film festival in 1994. When I think of Ray, I don't first think of his masterpiece Apu trilogy, I think of "The Music Room." I look so forward to seeing this again! It's one of my favourite films of all-time.
  • By Sean
    November 20, 2012
    06:04 AM

    The Three reasons should be different on this one as I noticed it's the same as the trailer when viewing the film on the info page about the film it's self but yes Indian music is fascinating and am into world music just to say.
  • By Saffia S.
    February 05, 2013
    02:00 AM

    Would love to see this superb movie, where will it be available?