• Our long-awaited follow-up to the best-selling Criterion set By Brakhage: An Anthology is now out. The second installment of this series of rarely screened films by American avant-garde pioneer Stan Brakhage features thirty more works never before on home video. Available either in a DVD edition or in a Blu-ray collection that also includes volume one (originally released in 2003), these films are, according to DVD Talk’s Adam Tyner, “significant works of art.” After making his way through the titles in the box set, Tyner adds, “I feel as if I have a much greater appreciation for the language of cinema now than I did a week ago.” In his review for DVD File, Mike Restano writes that Brakhage “really blew open the doors of what cinema had the potential to be,” and that “any cineaste interested in one of America’s most celebrated avant-garde visionaries will find By Brakhage: An Anthology, Volumes One and Two a seminal two-part compilation, a high-definition milestone.” Slant’s Joseph Jon Lanthier calls By Brakhage “both an affectionate tribute and an invaluable archive, given its subject’s incalculable influence.” And critic Glenn Kenny, in an A+ review at his blog, Some Came Running, calls the Blu-ray box “a monumental piece not just of restoration and preservation but of scholarship. A staggering, beautiful thing, all the way through.”

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