• The Hit is what we would now describe as Tarantinoesque,” writes Sonny Bunch in the Washington Times about the Stephen Frears thriller, starring Terence Stamp, John Hurt, and Tim Roth, and released last week in a Criterion special edition DVD. “The paid killers are alternately funny and menacing, the topics of conversation are rooted in existentialism, and the movie zips along at a quick pace.” In a five-star review for Time Out New York, Hank Sartin also makes the Tarantino connection, citing the film’s theme of “thugs waxing philosophical,” and concluding that it “was both ahead of its time and a throwback.” The Boston Globe’s Tom Russo calls out the acting in particular, noting “how satisfying it is watching Stamp play mind games, and watching Hurt play detached, disgusted, and deadly without wasting a word.”

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