Alicia Malone’s Closet Picks

Earlier this summer we were excited to welcome a member of our FilmStruck family, film reporter and writer Alicia Malone, into our closet to stock up on some of our releases. Now based in Los Angeles, Malone got her start as a host on film-related television shows in her native Australia. Since moving to the U.S., she’s been keeping busy as a host on FilmStruck, the creator of Fandango’s weekly video series Indie Movie Guide, and the author of the new book Backwards and in Heels: The Past, Present, and Future of Women Working in Film, which just arrived on shelves this month. In the above video, she offers up quick takes on some of her favorite movies, including Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru, Nicolas Roeg’s Walkabout, and David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

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