• Midwestern cinephiles are in for an extraordinary treat this weekend. The great Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami is scheduled to appear at the Indiana University Cinema in Bloomington for two days of events. On Sunday, April 6, he will be present for a double feature of his two most recent features, the intoxicating Certified Copy and Like Someone in Love, the latter of which is coming out in a Criterion special edition on May 20. Then on Monday, Kiarostami will sit with film scholar Richard Peña for a conversation about his career in filmmaking. For a taste of Kiarostami’s always mesmerizing cinema, check out the following clip from Certified Copy, featuring penetrating, direct camera work and vibrant performances from Juliette Binoche and William Shimell.


  • By Craig J. Clark
    April 04, 2014
    11:38 AM

    I've been looking forward to this ever since he had to cancel his original scheduled visit in January. (Thanks, polar vortex.) Best of all, it will give me a second chance to see Certified Copy on the big screen -- and at one of the best venues in the country.
    • By Michael Brakemeyer
      April 04, 2014
      02:50 PM

      You lucky SOB! I really admire this artist and wish I could be there. You need to post some highlights when you are there for all of us poor slobs that cannot attend!