• Connecting the Dot: Dot Graphics and Janus Films

    By Sam Smith


  • By DragoonEnRegali
    July 02, 2013
    03:37 PM

    The Dodes'ka-den poster would have been perfect for the DVD booklet, but Criterion just went with their cover art instead. Odd. I didn't know Dot Graphics did the famous Valerie poster, either—still one of my favorites, and an achievement in craftsmanship. Now I know where Criterion's tradition in graphic design started!
  • By coolhand
    July 02, 2013
    10:33 PM

    these are awesome. as an artist myself, i always enjoy seeing the criterion art stuff getting a post.
  • By tabernethy
    July 03, 2013
    09:29 AM

    I own the Valerie poster and it's awesome, now just give the film the release it deserves!
    • By Batzomon
      July 04, 2013
      11:52 AM

      The Valerie one is my favorite, but special mention to the Citizen Kane one for putting just the name and letting the popular mindset fill in the details.
  • By Silent-Freak
    July 09, 2013
    08:28 AM

    Sigh, I would love a King Kong Criterion blu-ray. Would be the best thing ever. A man can dream, can't he?
    • By Gord
      July 09, 2013
      01:40 PM

      Not to rain on the memory of Criterion's old LD of King Kong, but dude the Blu-ray that Warner released less than 3 years ago is great! Picture is beautiful, there's a commentary, there are wonderful stills in the hardcover packaging, and something like 3 hours of extras. So dreams come true. If you ignore it because it's not Criterion...well that's on you.