• By ggfanjase
    December 07, 2012
    03:41 PM

    Fantastic list! Glad you did a male counterpart because the female one is one of my favorites on here. I hadn't looked down to see if you would include Tony Leung, a personal fave, and the suspense was getting to me... and ta-da, there he was. Alain Delon naturally had to be included as well, that man was gorgeous and his close-ups were always hypnotic. Great call on Breno Mello as well. Caught off guard by Maurice Ronet's, that was an amazing one. The only ones I would've thought to have added were Richard Gere in Days of Heaven, Fassbender in Hunger and any one of the wonderful close-ups from The Thin Red Line. Although that last one has an embarrassment of riches that can fill up a whole list so I get it. *insert comment about when the stunning Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters will be upgraded to blu*
  • By Davey32
    December 07, 2012
    05:12 PM

    I so glad you included Belmondo. Bruno Mello is not so bad either.
  • By Nick Lyons
    December 08, 2012
    08:16 AM

    This list lacks that devastating final close-up of Benoit from Mon oncle Antoine, as seen in the film's cover art.
  • By M_Mayer
    December 10, 2012
    07:29 PM

    That Jean Gabin close-up is great. I've had it before this list was made