• By John
    November 30, 2011
    12:53 PM

    These factoids were very interesting. I need to pop in these films right now.
  • By Shaun GJ Pearson
    November 30, 2011
    02:14 PM

    It's wonderful that these are coming to criterion in Blu-ray. I wonder if I'll be able to justify the price though; given I got the box of Miramax DVDs for less than $20. And they look good and are loading with, I presume, the same extras. Still....I'll think about it. :)
  • By Ken
    December 06, 2011
    07:33 AM

    A huge travesty that Rouge did not win the Palme d'Or.... Kieslowski is a master on the level of Bresson, Bergman, and Tarkovsky.
  • By JL_Born
    November 17, 2013
    02:57 PM

    there is no denying pulp fictions greater influence in pop cinema