• Emperor 2.0

    By Peter Becker

    We’re getting a huge amount of mail about our edition of The Last Emperor, specifically about the aspect ratio, which is 2:1. Some people seem to believe that we’ve lost our minds, forsaken our mission, and taken it upon ourselves to crop the . . . Read more »

  • Walker: Forced March

    By Linda Sandoval

    Actor and writer Linda Sandoval met Alex Cox in 1983, when her husband, Miguel Sandoval, was cast in Repo Man (she recalls that Cox phoned to say he had good news and bad news: the bad news was that Miguel was cast in Repo Man; the good news . . . Read more »

  • Walker: Apocalypse When?

    By Graham Fuller

    At the climax of Alex Cox’s Walker (1987), a helicopter descends from the night sky onto a plaza where the colonial buildings are ablaze and an army of mercenaries is disintegrating. The chopper disgorges trigger-happy American combat troops . . . Read more »

  • Red, White, and Blog

    By Peter Becker

    We’ve been getting some questions about the three children’s classics from Janus Films. One good customer writes: “I’m wondering what the situation with The Red Balloon, White Mane, and Paddle to the Sea is. They are listed on the Criterion . . . Read more »

  • Eclipse Series 8:
    Lubitsch Musicals

    By Michael Koresky

    With the advent of sound, anything seemed possible in Hollywood in the late 1920s. Studios were eager to exploit the evolving medium’s new capabilities, and what better way to dazzle audiences’ ears and eyes than with full-out musicals? The . . . Read more »