Theodore Witcher’s Closet Picks

Closet Picks

Mar 31, 2022

Writer-director Theodore Witcher was a vital contributor to the renaissance in Black filmmaking that swept the ’90s. With love jones, which came out in a Criterion edition this week, he subverted stereotypes of Black urban life by centering the relationship between two Chicago artists and their professional milieu while infusing their romance with vibrant sensuality. In his recent trip to the closet, the filmmaker sings the praises of Laurence Fishburne as he admires a copy of Deep Cover, another staple of Black cinema that he explains would go on to influence elements of love jones. Witcher also took the opportunity to stock up on classics that he hasn’t revisited since film school—like Hitchcock’s Notorious, whose plot he enthusiastically recounts. Check out the above video to see the rest of Witcher’s closet picks!

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