Jacqueline Novak and John Early’s Closet Picks

This summer, stand-up comedians Jacqueline Novak and John Early have taken their talents to the world of theater. Stand-up ace Novak’s unapologetically lewd, unfailingly intelligent one-woman show Get on Your Knees, directed by Early (who has appeared in sitcoms such as Search Party and 30 Rock), is currently in the midst of its five-week run at New York’s Cherry Lane Theatre, and the reviews have been glowing, including a critic’s-pick seal of approval from the New York Times.

Just ahead of the show’s premiere last month, Novak and Early took a moment away from the stage for a visit to our offices, including a pit stop in our film closet. While browsing the shelves, Early paid tribute to a couple of all-time favorites (3 Women and Female Trouble), and felt moved to do quite the impression of Jane Wyman in Magnificent Obsession. For her part, Novak goes in for ghosts (The Uninvited), ghouls (Night of the Living Dead), and science run amok (Island of Lost Souls), along the way also taking down a copy of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and citing Lynch’s series as an influence on her work. To see more of Novak and Early’s spoils, and to enjoy their easy comic rapport, check out the video above.

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