• By jon-not-john
    January 05, 2013
    11:11 AM

    I hope this means a Criterion release of "The Cars that Ate Paris" may be somewhere on the horizon. Many of the HVe titles are becoming very hard to find and blu-ray upgrades would be most welcome. After all, "Pale Flower" appeared. Maybe this and "Mikey & Nicky" will follow.
    • By Drew Phillips
      January 05, 2013
      07:48 PM

      I'm dying for this one! Don't forget the Plumber!
    • By Craig J. Clark
      January 05, 2013
      11:46 PM

      The Plumber was included as a bonus on the previous (non-Criterion) release of The Cars That Ate Paris. I would hope they would get paired up again.
    April 30, 2015
    10:54 PM

    It would be great if Criterion could pull off both The Cars That Ate Paris and The Plumber as a co-release with supplementary materials. Weir's movies should not be forgotten. They continue to inspire across generations.