• In this week’s festival of free films on Hulu, we’re highlighting a sampling of our bite-sized features. All of these short-and-sweet selections clock in at under eighty minutes: it’s a great, quick way to get acquainted with classic cinema from around the world. Surely you can make time for Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket, Luis Buñuel’s Simon of the Desert, Koreyoshi Kurahara’s The Warped Ones, Aki Kaurismäki’s The Match Factory Girl, Basil Dean’s 21 Days (starring Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier), Kazuo Mori’s The Tale of Zatoichi Continues, and James Hogan’s Arrest Bulldog Drummond.

    And if you’re looking for some efficient spine-tingling, check out Ernest B. Schoedsack and Irving Pichel’s Hollywood shocker The Most Dangerous Game, in which a big-game hunter enlists unwitting houseguests as his prey. Stream the whole film below, or over at Hulu. Sign up for Hulu Plus for just $7.99 a month, and you can see the hundreds of other Criterion films streaming there.


  • By Craig J. Clark
    November 30, 2012
    04:26 PM

    I've already watched Pickpocket (which was phenomenal). Looking forward to checking out The Warped Ones and maybe a couple others.
  • By bluray stu
    December 02, 2012
    11:51 PM

    hey criterion, i have to say i was very much against your picking hulu as you streaming service awhile back. but that mostly had to do with the fact that i was already a netflix subscriber, and hulu had not yet added PS3 compatibility. this week, i signed up for a free week of hulu plus as a trial. i may actually switch over, and it has everything to do with criterion. what i found was: hulu's search engine and their whole organizational layout sucks. it's hard for me to really find that much criterion content honestly. but when i navigate the site on the web, i found a section called "recently added to criterion" that includes a hole metric SHIT-ton of titles that are not published on Criterion DVD or Bluray, but which are AWESOME.... like tons of Oshima films... and Masaki Kobayashi... all kinds of goodies ! the quality is not excellent on all.... some of it looks transcoded from VHS. but it's all subtitled... which in itself is a kind of minor miracle. so, are there plans to release this stuff on bluray eventually? i think this made me realize that i WILL switch from netflix, but that I would also BUY certain titles on bluray, if they were available (for the quality bump-up).
  • By Ian M.
    December 03, 2012
    12:53 AM

    Anyone else think its funny that 'Premiers Desirs' and 'In the Realm of the Senses' are consistenly among the top of the Most Popular group of Criterion films? Why is that i wonder?
    • By Novel Vogue
      December 04, 2012
      08:49 AM

      People really, really dig sex