• (Almost) All of Them Witches

    By Chuck Stephens


  • By patricia
    November 06, 2012
    06:27 PM

    I remember when I first saw this film & registered the fact that the baby's due date was the same as my bday (June 28) and the film came out the year of my birth (1968). Could it be that I am the devil's spawn???
    • By Bob
      November 09, 2012
      06:37 AM

      Good news! The baby was born one week prem, on the solstice naturally, and the events take place in 1966 (6/66, ha ha), so I think you're safe. There's actually quite a lot to the date, especially since the film deliberately keeps it vague. You have to work it out from the TV weekend weather forecast just after the birth. The date is the first of many bizarre connections with the Beatles - their Revolver LP came out the same day with its early Satanism - echoing through the Manson killings right to the day of John Lennon's death, when he made a bizarre reference to the film in his interview (he of course bought all the apartments on the 7th floor of the Dakota - the location of the film)...
  • By Rick Hillbrant
    November 06, 2012
    06:52 PM

    The woman under the picture looks to me like Jeanette Nolan.
  • By Drew Phillips
    November 06, 2012
    06:58 PM

    Don't forget Elisha Cook, jr was also in a little film called THE KILLING
    • By JustinDW
      November 29, 2012
      07:04 PM

      Elisha Cook, Jr! He bugged his eyes out at Vincent Price, William "Blacula" Prince, Michael Gough and John Belushi. Now THAT is a career!
  • By Steve Reynolds
    November 07, 2012
    01:28 AM

    This is great! Obama wins and Rosemary's Baby on Criterion. Best....week....ever.
    • By Gene
      December 05, 2012
      10:29 AM

      Yes. And Obama is the anti-Christ.
    • By Joe
      December 16, 2013
      11:06 AM

      When Obamacare passed I said "This is not a dream! This is really happening!"
    • By Jeremy Grimaldi
      May 14, 2014
      10:16 PM

      Damn, that's stupid.
  • By rich
    November 07, 2012
    08:48 PM

    It's Katharine, not Katherine.
  • By Marc
    November 15, 2012
    07:29 PM

    I'm absolutely thrilled that Criterion decided to add Rosemary's Baby to it's cannon of important films.If there ever was a film that deserved the royal treatment,this one surely was a contender. Thank you Criterion for another job well done.This is another reason why I keep returning.
  • By Marc
    November 20, 2012
    09:40 PM

    Watched Rosemary's Baby yet again from start to finish.This is an all out assault on the psyche and had me captivated all the way through.This is what a good film is all about:it grabs your attention from the start and doesn't let you go until the end!I never get bored or tired of watching this classic.Mr.Polanski and company were firing on all cylinders when this one was put in the can...absolutely incredible cinema at it's finest for sure.
  • By dms
    July 25, 2013
    07:09 PM

    "Farrow is today largely remembered for her successful marriage and filmic relationship with Woody Allen" Mia Farrow and Woody Allen were never married.
  • By Teressa
    December 07, 2013
    08:10 PM

    The actress in the foreground that you couldn't identify is Hope Summers....best known for her role as Clara Edwards in the Andy Griffith Show.
  • By Austin
    December 11, 2013
    05:58 AM

    And of course, I don't know if his name is in the credits, but Anton LeVay - the founder of San Francisco's Church of Satan - plays the role of the Devil in this film - impregnating the unwitting Rosemary Woodhouse.
  • By Michel
    February 06, 2014
    11:30 PM

    @austin. Anton LeVay did not play the role of Satan, that's a lie/rumour he started