• Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger created some of cinema’s most memorably colorful characters, from Roger Livesey’s boisterous Colonel Blimp to Anton Walbrook’s Red Shoes impresario to Kathleen Byron’s crazed, lipstick-loving Sister Ruth in Black Narcissus. But one of our favorites is among the most low-key: Wendy Hiller’s independent-minded Joan Webster in the wonderful, fablelike I Know Where I’m Going!, playing this week at the Charles Theater in Baltimore (September 15, 17, and 20). En route to her own wedding to a wealthy industrialist in the remote Scottish Hebrides, Joan is prevented from reaching her destination by violent weather, and finds herself stranded on a different island, and unexpectedly attracted to a charming naval officer there (Livesey). Watch an early scene in which Joan is taken aback by the thick fog that rolls in over the island, obscuring the view from her window. It’s a perfect example of the evocative and atmospheric cinema of Powell and Pressburger.