• The brash, brave—and sometimes vengeful—young women in the films of this week’s free Hulu festival refuse to play by society’s rules. In Czech New Wave director V?ra Chytilová’s politically engaged screwball free-for-all Daisies, Marie I and Marie II embark on a mission to spoil themselves (well, the world is spoiled anyway, isn’t it?). Louise Brooks’s iconic showgirl character Lulu is on a path to self-destruction in G. W. Pabst’s silent classic Pandora’s Box. Ingmar Bergman’s searing Summer with Monika features the director’s muse Harriet Andersson as a teenager who runs away from home with her lover. In Aki Kaurismäki’s dark comedy The Match Factory Girl, Kati Outinen brilliantly inhabits the skin of a lonely young woman pushed to extremes after years of being mistreated by family, men, and coworkers. And then there’s Maurice Pialat’s emotionally ravaging coming-of-age drama À nos amours, starring the amazing Sandrine Bonnaire as a troubled teenager rebelling against her dysfunctional family. If you haven’t seen this remarkable work by one of cinema’s unsung geniuses, check out the whole film below, or over at Hulu. And don’t forget: if you sign up for Hulu Plus for a monthly fee of just $7.99, you can see the hundreds of other streaming Criterion films.

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