• The brash, brave—and sometimes vengeful—young women in the films of this week’s free Hulu festival refuse to play by society’s rules. In Czech New Wave director V?ra Chytilová’s politically engaged screwball free-for-all Daisies, Marie I and Marie II embark on a mission to spoil themselves (well, the world is spoiled anyway, isn’t it?). Louise Brooks’s iconic showgirl character Lulu is on a path to self-destruction in G. W. Pabst’s silent classic Pandora’s Box. Ingmar Bergman’s searing Summer with Monika features the director’s muse Harriet Andersson as a teenager who runs away from home with her lover. In Aki Kaurismäki’s dark comedy The Match Factory Girl, Kati Outinen brilliantly inhabits the skin of a lonely young woman pushed to extremes after years of being mistreated by family, men, and coworkers. And then there’s Maurice Pialat’s emotionally ravaging coming-of-age drama À nos amours, starring the amazing Sandrine Bonnaire as a troubled teenager rebelling against her dysfunctional family. If you haven’t seen this remarkable work by one of cinema’s unsung geniuses, check out the whole film below, or over at Hulu. And don’t forget: if you sign up for Hulu Plus for a monthly fee of just $7.99, you can see the hundreds of other streaming Criterion films.


  • By Thomas
    August 24, 2012
    09:22 PM

    Why has the ability to browse Criterion films on Hulu been nixed? How am I supposed to know which films are available now? This is depressing.
    • By Batzomon
      August 25, 2012
      09:11 AM

      Yeah, I'm not thrilled about that. At least Hulu Plus on PS3 remains unmolested.
    • By Peter
      August 25, 2012
      03:10 PM

      The new interface is a step backward. No browsing by director or title. No indication if a film is available in HD. Please bring these features back!!!
  • By Tristan
    August 25, 2012
    10:10 PM

    The new HuluPlus format is horrible! Why can't users browse Criterion films by country, director, year, etc. anymore? PLEASE bring these features back!!!
  • By Adam
    August 27, 2012
    01:37 PM

    Is anyone at Criterion aware of the new Hulu interface disaster? Now instead of a sortable, searchable grid, I can only "browse" a random list four titles at a time. A search for "FELLINI" at the top returns no results, just the helpful suggestion, "Did you mean FALLING or FEELING?"
    • By Mike
      October 06, 2012
      11:51 PM

      You'll be thrilled to know that Hulu's search function is now much improved. My recent search for Fellini returned, on the top row of results, "The Life of Oharu" by Mizoguchi; "The X from Outer Space" by Nihonmatsu; "The Garden of Women" by Kinoshita; and "L'amore," directed by Rosselini but partly written by Fellini. The results did not include "La Strada," but perhaps that is too minor a film to be worthy of Hulu's very discriminating attention.
    • By Vally
      March 27, 2013
      11:38 PM

      I just tested this, and entering a search for "Fellini" gave me the same results Adam got. I did not get the results Mike mentions below. Why the contradiction?
    • By Vally
      March 27, 2013
      11:40 PM

      Sorry...the results that Mike above refers to.
  • By Jon Mulvaney
    August 29, 2012
    04:54 PM

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. The new Criterion-Hulu interface is evolving, and we hope to see those features—including sorting and searching by director, country, and year—reintegrated shortly. Stay tuned.
    • By Jesse
      September 11, 2012
      01:22 PM

      Good to hear that this is being addressed. I hope it's fixed soon!
  • By Tyler Beane
    September 03, 2012
    12:57 AM

    Super unfortunate. Find a new site Criterion! Open your own streaming site!
  • By Dan
    October 15, 2012
    01:21 AM

    Mulvaney, "...we hope to see those features—including sorting and searching by director, country, and year—reintegrated shortly." Six weeks later, and I'm still holding my breath. Any idea when I can come up for air, Jon?
  • By Wyatt
    November 15, 2012
    02:44 PM

    yes, PLEASE GIVE US THESE FEATURES BACK. It was so helpful before and now I am in the dark about any new releases. I don't care what Wes Anderson's "Criterion" picks are. Let us BROWSE.
  • By Brian
    November 27, 2012
    04:05 AM

    Yes, please put those sorting features back. The whole point of having a "collection" is so it can be sorted through like a library by enthusiastic viewers who know what they're looking for. Have faith in us viewers that we can find our way around the library. It doesn't hurt to have tabs that give recommendations, but it does hurt to deny full view of the library.
  • By stu sto
    December 02, 2012
    11:02 PM

    "and we hope to see those features—including sorting and searching by director, country, and year—reintegrated shortly. Stay tuned. " still tuned- almost four months later
  • By sufdub
    December 18, 2012
    02:27 AM

    Yeah... this is insane. I'm days away from getting rid of my hulu account because of this. Criterion was the only real selling point and its becomes useless
  • By Rodney Welch
    December 18, 2012
    10:25 PM

    You people are such whiners. This link more or less takes care of the problems: http://www.criterion.com/library/expanded_view?m=hulu It's been available for some time now.
    • By mifune
      December 18, 2012
      11:44 PM

      There's also a version with all the films on one page here: http://www.criterion.com/library/list_view?m=hulu&p=1&pp=all It doesn't have the films not represented on criterion.com (i.e. LIFE OF OHARU), but still better than nothing.
    • By SydneyPJam
      January 27, 2013
      04:25 PM

      Unfortunately, these lists only include titles that have been physically released on DVD or Blu ray by Criterion, and thus fail to include the multitude of films that are available only on Hulu. For example, you can watch many great films by Chaplin on Hulu (such as City Lights or The Kid) that have not yet been released on disc, and which are therefore are not listed on Criterion's website even when Hulu Plus is chosen as a search criteria. I'm at a loss as to why these films are not mentioned, but equally so by the removal of basic search function on Hulu itself. Quite a shame, really.
  • By arthur
    February 15, 2013
    07:10 AM

    how hard is it to add back a search function that already worked fine? make it happen
  • By Astro B
    February 15, 2013
    01:13 PM

    Have to agree with everyone. Was trying the Valentine's special to see if I wanted to order HuluPlus and was leaning toward "yes" heavily until I discovered the serious lack of search functionality.
  • By Dirk
    February 22, 2013
    02:36 PM

    The Criterion library search helps, but it's still a pain in the ass, and if you're not careful, searching be director can easily clear out the Hulu Plus sort tag. When I watch through my Roku, which is awesome, I'd rather be able to punch in a director's name, and have any available films returned. Really don't see why that's not possible. Especially since Criterion is geared towards nerds like us, who are more likely to want to plow through anything by a single director. For instance: search "Wenders," and only the films with the word "Wenders" in the actual description show up. Again, the Criterion site helps, but how hard can it be to tag the films with the director's name, so they come up in a search, too?
  • By Christoper B.
    March 28, 2013
    08:58 AM

    I too am angered by Hulu's insane removal of any usable search functionality. Like most users here, I only subscribe to Hulu Plus to watch Criterion movies. I could give a fig about the latest rom-com or reality TV idiocy. Why is Criterion associating itself with such a bad, bad product? (A quick Google search of the terms "Hulu fail" returns dozens of stories of how it has fallen to the bottom of the online video rankings.) I will cancel my subscription soon if search functionality isn't restored. Many of Criterion's films are available streaming on Fandor, or via DVD from Netflix, both of which I also subscribe to. Hulu Plus was about convenience of having a large part of Criterion's library streaming all in one place---but that is obviated by not being able to find any of it.
  • By Messina
    May 23, 2013
    09:50 PM

    Criterion: PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ISSUE WITH HULU PLUS AND ROKU. Not being able to search on the Roku box outside of a clunky alphabetical interface is awful. Totally ruins what could be a beautiful use of the collection. Please add the following search criteria to the Huluplus Criterion section on Roku: director year keyword genre and having your curated lists available