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    If Nobuhiko Obayashi’s House hasn’t yet dug its claws into you, this week Hulu offers you a chance to get acquainted with the insanely entertaining Japanese comic-horror cult oddity. It’s part of the latest festival—the theme is midnight movies—of free Criterion films for those who haven’t subscribed to Hulu Plus. Once you’ve experienced all the killer pianos, disembodied heads, and rainbow-colored madness you can handle, check out a selection of other creepy classics, like Nobuo Nagakawa’s trip to hell in a hand basket Jigoku; two bone-chilling medically themed thrillers (Georges Franju’s Eyes Without a Face and Robert Day’s Corridors of Blood, starring Boris Karloff); and Herk Harvey’s low-budget shocker Carnival of Souls. Watch the hair-raising and rib-tickling House in its entirety below, or see it on Hulu, where you can browse many other selections.

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