• “Francesco Rosi’s The Moment of Truth is an astonishing film, arguably the greatest bullfighting film ever made,” writes Svet Atanasov in a review at Blu-ray.com. “It is wild, it is brutal, it is beautiful and at times even erotic.” He goes on to describe the film’s unique authenticity: “The main protagonist, Miguel, is played by real-life bullfighter Miguel Romero, ‘Miguelín.’ Unsurprisingly, the long sequences where he is seen bullfighting are simply breathtaking.” For Movie City News, Gary Dretzka calls the film a masterpiece, and explains that “Rosi’s docudrama uses bullfighting as an entry point in his search for the soul of a country.” DVD File’s Mike Restaino praises the film for offering that “visceral, revealing you-are-there immediacy that Rosi has made a career out of.” And for GreenCine, Philip Tatler IV declares The Moment of Truth “a beautifully wrought document of a rarely seen world.”

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  • By TML
    April 13, 2012
    01:36 PM

    I will defend Criterion's decision to release this, because as a cultural document it is incredible. But don't get me wrong, I have no plans to ever watch this again. And I do believe that bullfighting is glorified by Rosi. In the interview with him on the disc, he talks about how, when performed properly, bullfighting is beautiful or graceful or something to that effect. Which I could not disagree with more. There's nothing beautiful or graceful here. But who knows how I would feel had I been raised in a different place and time?