Grand Opening

Mar 28, 2011

We never pass up an opportunity to send you over to Blogdanovich, and we have the perfect excuse to do so today: in Peter Bogdanovich’s latest entry, the filmmaker-writer-raconteur reminisces about his experiences as an extra in John Cassavetes’ backstage drama Opening Night, plus offers his take on the film, which he calls “Cassavetes’ antiAll About Eve.” He adds, “What dominates is the mystery of personality, and the often unfathomably complex motivations of artists,” and he saves special acclaim, naturally, for Gena Rowlands: “Magnificent in an extremely challenging role . . . If any other picture maker and actress have together repeatedly achieved such emotional depths, I don’t know about them.” Cassavetes’ devastating meditation on the nature of creation is available exclusively in the Criterion box set John Cassavetes: Five Films.