• Director Guillermo del Toro watched the new Criterion edition of his debut film, Cronos, about a week before he sat down for an interview with the A.V. Club’s Noel Murray. After years of doubt about the movie, del Toro claims, he has “finally fallen in love with it again.” In this good-natured, revealing dialogue, del Toro talks about the frustrations of Cronos’s production and reception in Mexico (it took him eight years to make, and the head of the Mexican Film Institute was not pleased when he finally saw it); the nostalgic, youthful charge he now gets from watching the film (“It’s such a beautiful artifact of youth. I really see myself in the movie as a young guy”); the inspiration for the film’s unforgettable central image of a sinister scarab (a creepy fad in Mexican fashion involving “living jewelry”); and his opinions on contemporary horror (Ti West’s The House of the Devil gets a shout-out). Cronos, which del Toro describes as “a Catholic, chemically correct vampire movie,” is available today on Blu-ray and DVD.


  • By David Hollingsworth
    December 07, 2010
    05:01 PM

    I'm so glad this film was given the dexlue treatment. Such a strange, beautiful, and haunting mythical take on the vampire tale. I hope to add this to my already growing Criterion DVD collection soon.
  • By Evan Bower
    December 08, 2010
    01:04 PM

  • By LJ
    December 08, 2010
    08:54 PM

    Cronos was great, bring on "The Devil's Backbone" next please!
  • By John Campbell
    December 09, 2010
    09:49 PM

    I have the Bluray edition and it will not play on my Sony Bluray machine This is the only Buray disk I've had this experience with. I see several threads on the web shoowing this problem - those using P{layatation get an error message, I do not. Any thoughts?
  • By Criterion
    December 10, 2010
    06:44 PM

    Hi John, The problem might be the firmware on your player. It's easy to update, here's a link for Sony players: http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/select-system.pl?DIRECTOR=HOME&PRODTYPE=78 If the problem persists, e-mail mulvaney@criterion.com and we'll do our best to help! Thanks.