Revival Meeting

Nov 17, 2010

Our friend and coworker Sarah Finklea, of Janus Films, was one of a handful of industry experts asked by Moviemaker magazine to participate in an online roundtable about the importance and challenges of film restoration. Along with the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Richard Peña, Oscilloscope Laboratories’ Dan Berger, and Milestone Film and Video’s Dennis Doros, Finklea discusses how to keep classic films alive and fresh in the twenty-first century. For Janus Films—responsible most recently for the theatrical revivals of Obayashi’s House, Shindo’s Kuroneko, and Tati’s M. Hulot’s Holiday, all in new 35 mm prints, as well as touring retrospectives of Chaplin and Kurosawa—Finklea says that decisions are always made with the company’s particular audience in mind, and that in restoring films, “there is a tendency to overuse state-of-the-art digital tools. We try to stay focused on the cinematic quality of the film to retain the original look and grain.” Read more, including Finklea’s anecdote about the frog in The Rules of the Game—yeah, we only knew about the rabbits too.