• “Wes Anderson may be the most stylish filmmaker working in Hollywood,” writes Film.com’s Ammon Gilbert in a review of our release on Blu-ray and DVD of The Darjeeling Limited, which he calls “both funny and serious, dramatic and wacky, superficial and deep.” Paper’s Dennis Dermody says it’s a “rapturously wonderful film . . . as wildly heartfelt as it is quirkily funny,” and points out  “Anderson’s requisite loopy dialogue and gorgeous visuals as well as great music.” For DVD Town, Ranjan Pruthee posits that Darjeeling is Anderson’s “most personal and expressive film,” adding that the new transfer is “marvelous-looking.” Glenn Heath Jr., at Slant, agrees: “The Criterion Collection’s stunning 1080p transfer of The Darjeeling Limited gets us as close as possible to the big-screen experience. The reds, yellows, and oranges of India’s landscape pop with vibrant intensity.” Ultimately, for Heath, though, it’s the characters that are most striking: “No other Anderson film so beautifully considers the complexities of sibling dynamics [as] The Darjeeling Limited, a breezy, colorful, and nuanced train ride through the bustling mise-en-scène of India and a loving homage to the film music of Satyajit Ray and Merchant Ivory.”

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  • By Kamal
    December 03, 2012
    04:38 AM

    Exactly. Just to throw an auteur/artist alnoagy in here, did anyone say to Mondrian, y'know all these coloured squares and lines are great, but could you just, like, move on now? Nope. Looks fabulous to me. Bring it.