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    A message for those who can’t get enough of the writing of tireless, timeless movie maven Peter Bogdanovich: click on over to his just-debuted indieWIRE blog, which bears the apt, no-brainer title Blogdanovich. Though, as he explains, this new online endeavor could come about only after he was “guided into the computer world of the twenty-first century,” and he’s feeling less than sanguine about the state of contemporary movie culture (“At film schools all over the country, most of the students act as though picture history begins somewhere around Raging Bull. The knowledge of, or interest in, films made during the fifty-year Golden Age of Pictures—1912–1962—is generally either nonexistent or extremely spotty”), the Last Picture Show director and trailblazing film programmer and scholar is enthusiastic. His first posting lays out Blogdanovich’s agenda (including reviews and recommendations of classic films, lists of favorite films by year, and comments from the personal card file he kept from 1952 to 1970), and he’s already written entries on four films, A Woman Under the Influence among them. Keep checking back for further musings. The Last Picture Show will be available from Criterion this November in the box set America Lost and Found: The BBS Story.

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