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Cauchetier, Part Two

Mar 31, 2010

In the Current last week, we linked to the first part of cinematographer John Bailey’s informative, image-laden piece, on the American Society of Cinematographers website, about the important but underheralded Raymond Cauchetier, the photographer of the New Wave. Part two is now up and ready for your perusal, and it’s a particularly eye-catching installment. In part one, Bailey focused on Cauchetier’s beginnings as a photojournalist and surprise initiation into the world of on-set photography with Godard’s Breathless. In this chapter, he looks at Cauchetier’s work on the films of Truffaut, especially Jules and Jim, with its famous freeze-frame of Jeanne Moreau and her suitors racing giddily toward the camera across a railroad bridge. There’s a wealth of other photos, of course, including a delightful single-shot triptych of Jean-Pierre Leaud as Antoine Doinel. Make sure to keep an eye on Bailey’s eclectic blog. The Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters DP started it in September 2009, and he tries to post a new piece every Monday.