Kurosawa Returns to Venice

Sep 1, 2009

March 23, 2010, will mark the centenary of Akira Kurosawa’s birth, and the cinema world is starting to gear up for the celebration. The Venice Film Festival, now in its sixty-sixth edition, will hold a special international panel on September 6 in honor of the director’s hundredth year, “Akira Kurosawa: A Century of Cinema,” to be moderated by Peter Cowie and featuring Japanese film scholar Donald Richie; Kurosawa’s former chief assistant, Teruyo Nogami; and critics Michel Ciment, Richard Corliss, and Aldo Tassone. Cinephiles will recall that Kurosawa first caused an international stir when his Rashomon won the Golden Lion at Venice in 1951, before going on to take the world by storm. So more than just a celebration, “Akira Kurosawa: A Century of Cinema” is also something of a homecoming.