• By Gabe
    March 08, 2012
    01:30 PM

    These are great! Fassbinder was way ahead of his time with this film.
  • By UnauthorizedCBD
    March 08, 2012
    05:52 PM

    I saw this at the Los Angleles County Museum of Art last fall, and RWF use of reflections in this movie reached a near fetishtic level, but that didn't dilute any of the brilliancy of his compositions. On a certain level, the embrace Brecht's Verfremdungseffekt, but he kind of enjoys putting you through that kind of experience anyway.
  • By Alex Smith
    March 13, 2012
    10:01 AM

    I was given my first Criterion DVD, ALI: FEAR EATS THE SOUL on my 29th birthday, THE BRD TRILOGY for my 31st, BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ for my 34th, and I picked the DVD release of WORLD ON A WIRE as a gift to myself on my 38th birthday last week. What a gift! Fassbinder is my favorite filmmaker, and I've managed to see almost all of his films, but this one had eluded me. Another terrific release! MORE RWF! As prolific as he was, Fassbinder's films (as Criterion has excellently proven several times) are well served by box set releases. Some suggestions, possibly through Eclipse: A box of Fassbinder's video films: DAS KAFFEEHAUS (1970); BREMER FREIHEIT (1972); NORA HELMER (1973) and LIKE A BIRD ON A WIRE (1974); a box of Fassbinder's theatre films: WILDWECHSEL (1971), WOMEN IN NEW YORK (1977) and THEATRE IN TRANCE (1981); the five episode television film EIGHT HOURS ARE NOT A DAY (1971); a proper American release of DESPAIR (1977) (considering the personnel involved in this film [RWF, Stoppard, Nabokov], the possibilities for supplemental material would easily fill a second disc); and QUERELLE (1982), with THE WIZARD OF BABYLON (1983) as a supplement...oh, you know, it would be great to see ALL of RWF's films get the Criterion treatment...I'll keep my fingers crossed. Keep up the good work! When people ask me where I went to film school, I say, "The Criterion Collection".

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