Tom Schnabel’s Top 10

Tom Schnabel’s Top10

Music director at Los Angeles’s KCRW radio station, Tom Schnabel started the daily program Morning Becomes Eclectic in the 1980s, first bringing world music to U.S. radio with such artists as Buena Vista Social Club, Ravi Shankar, and Caetano Veloso. Schnabel is also currently the program adviser for the Hollywood Bowl and the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Nov 21, 2008
  • 1

    Trouble in Paradise

    Ernst Lubitsch

    Witty, wonderful, wacky Lubitsch at his best. His daughter worked at KCRW!

  • 2

    La strada

    Federico Fellini

    I always cry at the end, then go out for pasta and cheap red wine.

  • 3

    Children of Paradise

    Marcel Carné

    You can hear J.-L. Barrault cry “Garance!” from the other side of the world.

  • 4

    Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday

    Jacques Tati

    So funny I disrupted a screening with my laughter.

  • 5

    The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

    Luis Buñuel

    The only thing better than this great movie is Buñuel’s autobiography, My Last Sigh.

  • 6

    The Wages of Fear

    Henri-Georges Clouzot

    The suspense is mesmerizing, even paralyzing.

  • 7

    Woman in the Dunes

    Hiroshi Teshigahara

    It’s as much an impressionist painting as it is a film.

  • 8

    Tokyo Olympiad

    Kon Ichikawa

    This great film was made back when Olympic athletes were regular folk.

  • 9

    Unfaithfully Yours

    Preston Sturges

    You’ll never watch a conductor the same way after seeing this great Preston Sturges film.

  • 10

    And God Created Woman

    Roger Vadim

    I saw this movie as an adolescent in the late fifties, at the Bay Theatre in Pacific Palisades, and it made me feel strange things I’d never felt before . . . I also thought that Brigitte Bardot was the number-one sex kitten on earth.