Bong Joon-ho’s Top 10

Bong Joon-ho’s Top10

South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho is the director of The Host (2006), Mother (2009), and Snowpiercer (2013). We interviewed him for our release of the classic South Korean film The Housemaid, available in the World Cinema Project box set. After we asked him to name his favorite titles in the collection, he told us, “I actually ended up writing a wish list of Criterion Blu-rays I would like to own. For an insatiable collector like myself, limiting myself to ten films was torture.”

Dec 18, 2013
  • 1

    François Truffaut

    The 400 Blows

    The most beautiful feature film debut in the history of cinema. I’m extremely curious about the abundant special features on the Blu-ray. I wish to explore every single one.

  • 2

    Ingmar Bergman

    Fanny and Alexander: Theatrical Version

    The most beautiful ending to a feature film career in the history of cinema. And the most beautiful DVD box set in the history of mankind. I’m keen to find out who the designer of the box set was.

  • 3

    Keisuke Kinoshita

    The Ballad of Narayama

    I would like to compare the film to The Ballad of Narayama by Shohei Imamura and Goryeojang by Kim Ki-young. I wish to fully experience and appreciate Keisuke Kinoshita’s bold colors through Blu-ray.

  • 4

    William Cameron Menzies

    Things to Come

    I’m anxious to find out if I will be as thoroughly excited by the film as I was by H. G. Wells’s science fiction novels when I read them as a youth.

  • 5

    Max Ophuls

    Lola Montès

    It’s Max Ophüls!

  • 6

    Robert Altman


    There have been many “tapestry films,” including Altman’s own Short Cuts and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia. But I believe Nashville will always be the best in the class.

  • 7

    Mike Leigh

    Life Is Sweet

    The actors/characters in Mike Leigh’s films are always shockingly vivid and alive.

  • 8

    Nicolas Roeg

    The Man Who Fell to Earth

    Nicolas Roeg’s films never cease to be fresh and youthful.

  • 9

    Wes Anderson


    Wes Anderson’s films are delightfully strange and endearing.

  • 10

    Spike Jonze

    Being John Malkovich

    A few days ago, I had a chance to meet Spike Jonze, and we talked briefly. The meeting left me with a strong impulse to go inside his head and explore the corners of his mind.